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The Owner and Appraiser, Kei ‘Key’ Josephson, has over 35 years in the Specialty car and truck market.  His hands on experience includes OE and Aftermarket parts salesman, Aftermarket Manufacture Representative, Show Car and Racecar Builder, Performance shop owner, active race driver and team owner.


Using his years of hands on experience, Kei is an expert and focuses only on appraising the following vehicles:


  • Antique Cars and Trucks

  • Classic Cars and Trucks

  • Custom Show Cars and Trucks

  • Exotic Sportscars

  • Hot Rods (Cars and Trucks)

  • Muscle Cars

  • Protouring Cars and Trucks 

  • Resto Mods (Cars and Trucks)

  • Street Rods (Cars and Trucks)

  • Racecars 

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